First I thought looking at the size that it is a little expensive item. But, the price was totally worth the results. If you are a PCOD person and have this problem because of your excessive weight then you must give it a try. I have lost around 8 kilos since use.

Rohit Khanna

I have lost a lot of extra weight since I have started using this product. It has improved my metabolism a lot. I want to thank Roncuvita for this amazing product. I take it myself and give it to my son too as I found it to have no side effects.



The Roncuvita Advance Omega-3 is simply the best. I have been taking supplements for over 6 months and I have never been better. I highly recommend this product to others who are suffering from various cardiac and health problems.

Shikha Gupta


So the flavor of the spray is good. I was afraid that it would taste rustic but that didn’t turn out to be the case, luckily. I sometimes take higher doses, as I have an autoimmune disease. My vitamin D levels are in normal range all thanks to this spray.