Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy We Adhere To
Our actual witness of Privacy Policy is your presence on our website For better understanding, you can go through our privacy policy. I guess then you come to know about how we gather information and share with/about users.
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Personal Information

By “Personal Information” we mean information that is used to identify any individual directly or indirectly. Examples include but not limited to

  • Business contact information
  • Professional information
  • Nature of communication
  • Marketing information
  • Any information the user chooses to provide to us when completing any ‘free text’ boxes in our forms.

We may utilize your personal information to deliver product recommendations, market information, and non-transactional communications (e.g., email, telemarketing calls, SMS, or push notifications) about us, in accordance with your marketing preferences and this privacy policy).

We allow you to access our website with restrictions like Non-Exclusive, Non-Licensed, Limited, and Non-Transferable that are subjected to your compliance with our Terms and Conditions.

We don’t let you manipulate this or its content herein for any commercial or personal use. You are not allowed to any product and its description that are listed in the product for any promotional and commercial use. Making any substitute or derivative use of our product or website is strictly prohibited.
The use of data frame, data mining or data extraction through any mode is strictly not entertained to serve any purpose. You are awaiting legal proceedings. It is strictly prohibited from any use of the Logo, Trademark, Photos, Material or Information for any personal , professional or commercial use from our website. It is considered as a violation in our terms and conditions, if you use our Meta Description or any hidden content that website contains.
Account and relevant detail

If you’re looking for information and features related to a website then it is required to register or an account may be automatically assigned to you. It is required to complete information for registration. In any case, you make changes in your information then it is also required to inform us before making.
All the users are only responsible for protecting password and confidential information. You shall immediately inform us for any breach of unauthorized access of user ID and password or anything related to website’s security. Every time you use ID and Password that indicates you are authorized to use or access that specific account after complying with terms and conditions. The user itself is responsible to keep their ID and Password safe. If a website finds the account that is used by any unauthorized person, it would be considered as a fault from the user end.

Electronic communication

Every time when you use this website then an email will be received to us that you’re electronically communicating with us and that allows you to agree to communicate with us electronically. Our communication mode can be via email or notification will be sent in your account.

User Content

Any user content that is obscene, pornographic, libelous, defamatory, lewd, indecent, suggestive, fraudulent, abusive, harassing, libelous and other objectionable; the user content that:
• Provide instructions, encourage, or constitute related to any criminal offence, breach our privacy policy or terms and conditions.
• Violate data protection policy, privacy policy or rights that contain video, image or other related information that one has obtained without other users/individuals consent.
• Depicts, shows, displays, encourages any inappropriate, harmful, offensive use of the content.
• Makes a wrong or false statement about a product/service (s), creates depiction or company.
• Misrepresents or impersonates any entity or person with affiliation with entity/person; and
• Damaged or corrupted data, virus-infected, Malware or other destructive code or file

These things would be considered as the violation of policy and rules of the company person/user or entity will be subject to legal actions under the jurisdiction of local, state, and central/Federal lawsuits.

Right to use and Restriction

Any/all users and/or entities agree(s) that he/they/one shall not (and will not allow any/all user (s) and/or entity to use IDs and Passwords.
• Allow to modify, translate, reproduce, download, make a substitute or derivative service and/or work and/or engineer on the basis of or to serve the purpose of renting, selling, displaying publicly and/or any exploitation are not permitted under any circumstances.
• If the website contains any Proprietary Rights, Trademark, Copyright, and/or notice; make sure you remove all before making use.
• Use of retrieval application/site search, spider, robot and/or any other device for retrieval and indexing of the site.
• Frame and reformat the website on any piece of it.
• Collection of information from other users (that may include Email Address and/or username) for the purpose other than soliciting reviews for/by other users.
• Transmit or create users like spam or interference just for the enjoyment of the site.
• Transmission of data uploading on the site like virus Trojan House, worm, Malware or any other corrupted/malicious software and/or any website content via device, system or any nuisance purpose.
• Submission on the site with any content that replies or falsely states the user/entity has endorsed or sponsored such content.
• Website usage for security violation or unauthorized user access to the system or computer network or any other system which includes retrieval of other’s password using encryption codes)
• Transmission of data or data uploading on the site like Worm, Virus Trojan House, Malware or other corrupted/malicious software and/or any website content through device, system or any nuisance purpose.
• We monitor the user’s/entity’s approach and activity on the website. If anything found suspicious or illegal, we have the right to cancel the user’s account to the website at any point of time without any prior notice.
• Any content submission on this website that promotes, encourages, constitutes illegal acts or any lawful activity or otherwise transfers to/from the site for any illegal means which includes obscene or threatening.


There may be various links to/from other websites from/to this website that may be operating or have been owned by many third-party. We are responsible for any third-party content or operations that they perform on any such website.

Website modifications

We have all the rights to discontinue (Permanently or temporarily) or modify the website: at any point of time without any prior notification.

No third-party beneficiaries

Check out here all the privacy policy and the terms and Conditions that are beneficial for users/entities only. We don’t confer any benefit or right of any third party for any liability and obligation through these terms and conditions.

Sales and purchase on the website

By establishing an account and making a purchase on this website you mean that you accept that all transactions through our website or via other options connected to this website be performed or processed electronically from the beginning to the end. If you want to go for the non-electrical payment mode, those transactions are governed by the remainders.
You are responsible for making an electronic copy or printing, along with the notice that we send you, a copy of these terms and conditions. Sales Tax is paid on items you buy from our website.

It is completely based on the applicable centre and state sales tax and that you should agree to pay related to handling and shipping charges. When any particular product is shipped to your address or to another address according to your location. We also serve all the rights to make changes in the prices from time to time without any prior notice of intimation.

If you sign-up or place the order, you must agree to our charges that we have Quoted for any particular product. If handling and shipping charges are involved in the billing. It may or may not show the real cost of the product or extra charges may reflect separately. The order gets cancelled or suspended in case we find your card unacceptable for the gateway, not verified or invalid.
We have our Return Policy configured, and the Return Policy will handle and process all returns only.

With the pictures and content on the website, we make serious efforts to be as precise and accurate as possible. However, if the information such as Description, Service, Photograph, Product and other important information, we do not claim any accuracy, error free, reliability and completeness.
We reserve all rights from this website to rectify all errors arising from your order. All orders are subject to product availability, and changes in the product quantity can be made at any time without prior notice if any order has already been placed. We also reserve the right, for any product, to cancel the order. The availability of product and services are completely under the State and Central Jurisdiction with mentioned restrictions and prohibition.


You agree or have agreed to compensate us and our subsidiary alliances, directors , employees, service providers, partners, agents, independent contractors and consultants and/or related parties form or/against costs, expenses, damages, liabilities, claims arising from access to and misuse of the information.

Use and access to the website

Any purchaser (user/entity) that post content on the website, upload image, distribute and use to transmit from/to our website
• The feedback that are given by users
• The violation of the discussed terms and conditions
• It also requires you to inform us if there is any claim or collaboration with third-party.

Remedy, limitations, and Liability

You are validated with the right to return the product if there occurs any violation and breach of warranty. The refund will be only initiated as per our applicable exchange and return policy.


Remedies and you agree that all legal remedies against any threatening or actual breach of the Terms and Conditions are not deemed adequate and that the entity is liable for injunction and/or relief from performance.

We are also entitled to recover, along with the necessary costs to settle the case, attorney’s fees, with or without restriction, if further damages arise. Every redress or our privilege shall in any case be exempt from others, whether it be equity or the statute, which covers, without limitation, costs and attorney’s fees and injunctive relief.


There is no joint venture, agency, agency, employment, partnership or any such relationship is created resultant to such terms. No one holds any such authority of any kind to circumscribe or any sort of circumlocution in any respect whatsoever it is. We are not liable to inform you if we make any changes to the privacy policy. It is to be noted that we make reasonable efforts to inform you via electronic mail.

Any failure to enforce or exercise such provisions or rights of such terms shall not constitute an enforcement waiver of such provisions or rights. If any enforceable or invalid provision is found, there must be some necessary extent for elimination and limitation so that these provisions remain effective, enforceable and in full force. You can’t assign, transfer, or sublicense these terms without our written consent.

For further enquiries or looking for more information regarding our privacy policy and terms and conditions, you can easily connect with us via Toll-Free Number +91-97737-66559. If you have any confusion or doubt, you can even drop an email on our Email Address Our team will brief you about the terms and conditions and privacy policy as well.